Rally Enthusiasts

Have fun making roadbooks and invite friends to try the sport of Rally. Navigator was built to create detailed roadbooks easier and faster. Now everybody can enjoy the fun of Roadbook Navigation.

Event Organizers and Race Directors

Rally Navigator creates professional quality Ready to Print PDF Roadbooks and generates matching GPX Tracks & Waypoints for your rally event. Rally Navigator has been used in FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup Events (Pharoans Rally, Egypt).

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1 Click - Direct to PDF Roadbook Printing x x
Supports Continuous Roll Print Output x x
Import GPX Tracks to Create a Roadbook x x
Overlay Captured GPX Tracks over Existing Route After Pre-run x x
Google Earth Roads & Routing Function - Snap Track to Road x x
Show Fuel Stations on Map x x
Show and Hide CAP Headings and GPS Coordinates for each Waypoint x x
Print Roadbooks with Detailed Tulips, CAP Heading, GPS Coordinates and Navigation Icons x x
Automatically Calculate Fuel Range in Header x x x
Select Road Type for Tulip Drawing x x x
Supports Kilometers or Miles x x x
Custom Tulip Drawing Tools x x x
Drag and Drop FIM/FIA Rally Navigation Icons x x x
Automatically Capture Segment Distance & Basic Tulip Drawing x x x

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Roadbook Print Samples

FIA Road and Stage Rally - Premium

Fia road rally sample  02

FIA Road and Stage Rally - Free

Fia road rally free sample  01


FIA-FIM Cross Country Rally - Premium

Print detailed


FIA-FIM Cross Country Rally - Free

Print limited

Enduro Narrow Premium – 2.25 inches – 57mm

Narrow premium

Enduro Narrow Free – 2.25 inches – 57mm

Narrow free