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Rally Navigator 2.0 is ALL NEW


MapBox 3D Terrain Imagery - Offline Maps

Runs - Saves - Prints PDF on Local Computer

Share via Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive

Adjustable Waypoint & Validation Radius Details Show on Map

On Screen Roadbook Auto Highlighting

2023 FIA/Dakar Navigation Icons in SVG

Why Should I Upgrade?

Improved Stability - Speed - Security

No Surprise Software Updates

Total Control of Roadbook File Saving and Sharing

No Server Related Trouble

Upgrade to Rally Navigator 2.0

Download For Windows 10+ 64-bit

Download For MacOS

Download For Linux

How to Install - Link RN Account - Download Existing Roadbooks


Next Step

1) Link to Rally Navigator Subscription
Click "My Subscription" then "Link Subscription"


2) Download Existing Roadbooks from Rally Navigator Website
Click "Download My RN.com Roadbooks" and Select Folder


3) Open and Save Roadbook Files Locally or Google Drive, Drop Box etc.

Rally Navigator 2.0 - How It Works

Watch the Video


Additional Features Coming Soon

Improved Road Drawing Tools -  Reduce Clicks

Additional Mapping  - Topo - Street View

Sample Roadbook Files

Download Sample Roadbook File - Opens with Rally Navigator 2.0

Download Sample Roadbook PDF File

Download Sample GPX File

Beautiful MapBox and Google 3D Map Imagery with Offline Maps

Load, Save and Print PDF Roadbooks - No Network Connection Required


Improved On Screen Roadbook, Route & Map Highlighting

Google KMZ/KML File Support

Faster and Better Drawing Tools - Improved Toolbar Layout Options

Support for Digital Roadbooks + OpenRally GPX Format

Cross Country Rally Roadbooks

FIA - FIM - Dakar Format

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