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Road Rally Welcome Screen

Road and Stage Rally Roadbook

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Rally Navigator Sample Files

GPX File of Roadbook Route

Road Rally Roadbook - PDF Sizes 

FIA Stage Rally

Google Maps - Snap to Roads - See the Power of Rally Navigator

  • Snap to Roads
    • Control + Click
  • Snap to Roads with Google Text Navigation Added to Each Waypoint
    • PC: Control + Alt + Click =
    • Mac: Control + Command + Click

Road Rally Snap to Roads

Rally Navigator - How it Works

Road Rally - How it Works

Click the Map & Create Your First Waypoint

  • Enter Route Name and Description in top of Header
  • Single Click along route to create Track Handles
  • Click Track handle again to create all Waypoints along Route to Finish
  • Be careful about direction of path leaving Waypoint, it's used to automatically capture CAP heading and draw simple Tulip

Waypoint Editor and Details

  • Complete Tulip Drawings: Activate Waypoint editor by double clicking first Waypoint and clicking "Edit" box in upper right of the Waypoint.. The view will rotate and zoom so path entering navigation point is at bottom of screen (where the dot will be in the Tulip Drawing). Use drawing tools by dragging a desired road segment into Waypoint editor and then dragging the orientation of the road to create tulip, so curves in road and angles of roads at intersection exactly match.
  • Navigation Icons and Signs: Drag and drop proper Navigation icons and signs into Waypoint. Rally Navigator utilizes full library of FIM Navigational Icons.
  • Text Descriptions: Add Text Descriptions with turn info and navigational hints to each Waypoint.
  • Continue along Route till you have fine tuned Track and created details for each Waypoint.

Road Rally Waypoint Editor

Create a Roadbook from GPX Tracks

GPS Tracks must be GPX Format. Track must be single continuous path.

Road Rally GPX Import

Import GPX Track to Get Started

  • Enter a Route Name and Description in the top of Header.
  • Use "Import GPX" button in Roadbook and Import file to Rally Navigator.
  • You will see imported GPX tracks projected onto Main Map Screen.
  • Initially only First and Last Waypoints will appear in Roadbook. All other GPS points appear as Track Handles and won't appear in the Roadbook yet.
  • Click on first Tulip drawing in Roadbook and Rally Navigator will fly to the first Waypoint on the map.

Track Detail

  • Single Click along Route to create Track Handles. Click point again to create Waypoints along the Route.
  • Mouse over the red Track and a faint Handle appear, click and drag Handle to align track along your intended route.
  • Create a Waypoint at each intersection or POI along the route. Rally Navigator will automatically capture segment and total distance, generate tulip, GPS coordinates.

Waypoint Detail

  • Detail Tulips: Drag and Drop 'No-Go" road sections into Tulip box and shape them with your mouse to match the road at the waypoint.
  • Navigation Icons and Signs: Drag and drop the proper Navigation Icons and Signs into Waypoint.
  • Text Descriptions: Fill in Text Description of Waypoint

Stage Layout and Semi-Automatic Control Points

Road Rally Control Points

Icon Placement Tool

Icon Placement

Time Control and Special Stage Start Waypoints

Time Control and Special Stage Start

Special Stage Finish and Stop Waypoint Tool

Special Stage Finish and Stop

Special Stage Finish and Stop Waypoint Placement

Special Stage Finish and Stop

Pre-Running and Route Checking

  • Physically pre-run and check the Route and make any corrections prior to investing time drawing detailed Tulips.
  • Capture a GPX Track of the Pre-Run to help with final Route editing
  • While pre-running, check mileage, headings, etc. at every Waypoint. Mark all Landmark and Terrain details. This can be done with a voice recorder or note pad.

Finalizing the Route After the Pre-Run

  • Overlay GPX File of the Pre-Run 
  • Review the Overlay GPX Track and your route notes to make any necessary changes/corrections to Route.
  • Add final detailed tulips, Icons and Waypoint Descriptions.

Pro Users Upload Custom Navigation Icons

Custom Navigation Icons

Roadbook Download Configuration

  • PDF Page Size
  • Auto Highlight
  • GPX Download Options- Includes Open Rally Tags
  • Time Speed Distance Worksheet Download

Road Rally Print Options

My Roadbooks

My Roadbooks


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