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Rally Navigator Developers



Mike Shirley


Mike is the primary developer of Rally Navigator.  Mike had the vision to make rally route creation simpler and faster. Mike has been an RMS crew member at the Dakar Rally twice and has raced in Mongolia and Mexico. He's also known to ironman the Vegas to Reno. 

Mike's ride:

2018 Husqvarna FE501 

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Dave Peckham


Dave is a key contributor to Rally Navigator. His knowledge of software development and his expertise in Rally make him a perfect partner. He's been on the US rally scene since 2007. Rally racing has taken Dave to 10 countries on 4 continents. He has raced the Rally Dos Sertoes and the Baja Rally and been Mechanic and Team Manager at the Dakar Rally, the Tuareg Rally, and SCORE Baja races.

Baja Rally - Baja Mexico

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Rally Navigator is the foundation of the BAJA RALLY logistics plan. This valuable tool helps our events in two ways: It simplifies the route making process and allows our participants to create practice stages which prepares them for a more successful experience. Rally Navigator is the gateway to the rally revolution.

Scotty Breauxman – BAJA RALLY Creator

NORRA Mexican 500

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Rally Navigator software made road book creation and editing a breeze.  It literally saved us many days of work and an extra trip down the course.  We were able to deliver roll charts and road books on a super tight timeline when last minute storms forced late route changes.

Chris Wilson – Course Designer

Amageza Rally – South Africa

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Rally Navigator has taken the job of building a rally-roadbook from the stone age to the rocket age. Thanks to Mike Shirley and his team the Amageza Rallye will be racing from Cape Town in South Africa to the border with Namibia using road-books created on Rally Navigator. Great work guys!!

Alexander Nel – Director

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